A brand new update of Touch for Virus (version 1.5) will be released in september. (Update: it has been released on friday 27 sept.) It contains some bug fixes and improvements. It also contains a brand new patch library. It has been rewritten from scratch. Not visible, but also important is the mechanism for fetching patches is now much more reliable.

What’s new / improved in version 1.5:

Introducing: Virus Cloud

Virus Cloud is an open online patch database for virus ti synthesizers. It will be the place for endless inspiration and state of the art sound design. It is fully integrated in Touch for Virus to extend your own personal patch library.

Patch stories

Every patch has it’s own story. You can now add that story to your patches by just writing it down. In Virus Cloud this enables you to tell other users what’s special about a patch, or how it is best used.

More reliable fetching

Fetching patches and receiving patchdumps was possible in earlier versions. But not always as reliable as you may have hoped for. Touch for Virus now uses Audiokit to handle this, making it a much more reliable process. Still: success also depends on the MIDI to USB interface, not all interfaces can handle the amount of data. In the weeks to come, I will publish a list with compatibility MIDI to USB interfaces..

Be informed

The patch library now shows a lof of information about the selected patch, like author, categories and it’s story. Also: collections now show how many patches they have inside. Patches are now always alphabetically ordered, making large collections much easier to use.

Make a perfect start

When Touch for Virus starts up, it now fetches the currently loaded patch on your Virus TI, instead of overwriting it with some boring init-patch

Looking good on all sizes

Touch for for virus has had a subtile visual update. All artwork is now sharp is sharp as hell, even on the largest iPads.

Audit like a pro

The audit keyboard has been enlarged, to make it ore usefull!

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