Support for Touch for Virus app

Welcome to the Touch for Virus support page.

Touch for Virus has been designed to be an alternative way to design patches on Virus TI synthesizers. Because users asked for it, over the years it has also become a librarian. On this page you will find relase notes, and an introduction to the app. For information about our privacy policy and disclaimer, please read this page.

Get in touch

For more information about Touch for Virus read the manual on this page. When your question is not covered contact me by email.

For bug reports please use the following page on Github

Release 1.5.1 to 1.5.4

Because of some legal issues, Virus Cloud (public patch library) had to be removed in this release. The MIDI handler was updated, and a new audit keyboard was introduced. The bug in the MIDI overBluetooth menu was also fixed.

Since version 1.5 I have been working on stability. I released three maintenance releases. The following was improved or fixed

  • Improved app stability when receiving patch dumps
  • Several fixes and improvements in the patch library (Fixed wrong patch counts, disappearing Cloud patches, unresponsive tables, improved speed of loading cloud patches)
  • Selecting a MIDI output no longer disrupts receiving Patch dumps
  • Deleting a patch in the patch library will now delete the correct patch (oops!)
  • Fixed bug in LFO2 wave selection, not working as it should.

Introduction Touch for Virus

Wondering what’s so special about Touch for Virus? Well, it add some nice new features to your old friend:

The roughly 450 parameters which define a patch on Virus TI are groupd in 7 modules. You can navigate between those modules using the tabs right below the toolbar.
Each module has its own presets. There are default presets available, but you can also add your own by using the save button above the list. You can delete
module preset by swiping them to the left, just like in IOS Mail.
Module presets enable you to build new patches quickly by just trying new combinations. You can easely try a given oscillator module preset with different filter module presets or modulation module presets.
This is easy, fun to do and, in my experience, boosts inspiration!

Virus Cloud.
Virus Cloud is a cloud based patch library. All touch for Virus users can add patches to this library to share them with others. No need to import, export or download patches using old fashioned sysex / midi files.

Touch based editing, intuitive controls
Well, editing patches on Virus TI can be sometimes frusttrating. Get rid of all these deep menu’s abd use your large iPad instead.

Manual, or “how the hell does this work?!”

Menu Bar

  • Patch name: Tap on it to open the Patch Library
  • Save: Tap to save the current patch to your local library or to Virus Cloud.
  • Sync: Tap to send all parameters of the current patch to the connected Virus TI.
  • Fetch: Fetches the patch which is currently loaded on the connected Virus synth.
  • Audit: play a note, for auditing
  • Setup: setup the connection with Virus TI and midi channels
  • Help: Opens this support page on the website in Safari

Patch Library

The left panel lists patch collections available in you private library, and collections available in Virus Cloud
Tap on a collection to select. Tap again to deselect

The second panel lists available patches. When a collection is selected in the left panel, only patches are listed which belong to that collection. Use the category filter on top of the panel to filter the listed patches by category

Patch info panel
The info panel shows information about the currently loaded patch.

Module locks
Lock a module to keep its parameters unchanged whan a new patch is loaded. This can be usefull when you want to try different settings for, let’s say the oscillator module while other modules should be unchanged.