IOS Patch Editor for VIRUS TI synthesizers

Patch quickly… be creative

Setup new patches in just seconds with Module-Presets.

Master details…. with ease

Everything at your fingertips, for precise control.

Patch the Cloud…. together

Contribute and benefit from a public patch library in the cloud

Bring your Virus to the age of Touch and Cloud storage

  • Designed to touch: A sweepingly new patching experience for your beloved Virus TI
  • Librarian: Organize patches in collections and categories
  • Virus Cloud: Where Virus users share their best patches with you
  • Dedicated controls for nearly all parameters (excluding Vocoder and input parameters)
  • Inspiring new interface, enables you to rediscover your synth.
  • Compatible with all Virus TI and TI 2 models
  • No computer needed, just your VIRUS, iPad and MIDI-USB interface