iPadOS librarian for VIRUS TI

Creating new patches on Virus TI synthesizers is easy and fun with Touch for Virus. These are the 5 things you will love about “Touch for Virus”:

  1. A sweepingly new patching experience for your beloved Virus TI
  2. Dedicated knobs, sliders and menu’s, designed to touch
  3. All (350) parameters intuitively arranged in 7 modules*
  4. Get going fast with module presets
  5. Keep patches organized in your own patch library
  6. Work in Multi Mode (available as in-app purchase) (see introduction video)
  • Vocoder and input parameters are currently not supported

What users say…

 An almost modular approach to sound design


Touch for Virus (ist) eine tolle Idee für alle Besitzer der Original-HardwareHanson Deck


I’m so glad you made this
This is the app we all needed. Thank you!