Touch for Virus

iPadOS librarian for VIRUS TI

Touch for Virus is a patch editor and librarian for Virus TI synthesizers on iPadOS.

Get inspired by a fresh new modular way of working.

What users say…

 An almost modular approach to sound design

Touch for Virus (ist) eine tolle Idee für alle Besitzer der Original-HardwareHanson Deck

I’m so glad you made this
This is the app we all needed. Thank you!


Touch for Virus

is like a new OS for an epic synth

Patch quickly… be creative

Setup new patches in just seconds with Module-Presets.

Master details…. with ease

Everything at your fingertips, for precise control.

Patch the Cloud…. together

Contribute and benefit from a public patch library in the cloud

Designed to touch:

A sweepingly new patching experience for your beloved Virus TI


Organize patches in collections and categories

Virus Cloud:

Where Virus users share their best patches with you

Dedicated controls

for nearly all parameters (excluding Vocoder and input parameters)

Inspiring new interface,

enables you to rediscover your synth.


Have a look at some screenshots to get some idea of what the app looks like

Patch Library

Oscillator Module

Modulation Module

Filter Module

Need support?

Have a look at the support page

Read about compatible USB to MIDI interfaces

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