To use Touch For Virus you will need to connect your VIRUS TI and iPad with a USB to MIDI interface.

Some interfaces can’t handle the large amount of Sysex data or sending speed used by the Virus TI when sending patch dumps. As a result fetching patches will not work with these interfaces. In the table you can see which functionality is reported by users to work for some interfaces.

March 2020: Table is updated for app version 1.5.4

MIDI InterfaceEditFetch
Akai MPD226YesYes
Alesis is dock 2YesYes
Iconnectivity Iconnect4+YesYes
Neoteck UMC1NoNo
Roland UM-ONE (USB)YesYes
Yamaha MD-BT01 (bluetooth)YesNo
Yamaha UX16 (USB)YesYes
ZOOM U-44 (USB)YesYes
  • Patch dumps cannot be initiated with the “Fetch” button in the app, but are reported to work when initiated on the Virus TI. You can do this in the “Save”-menu by choosing the save-option: ‘patch dump’.

Please feel free to send me a note with your USB to MIDI interface and how it works, so I can keep this list updated.