To use Touch For Virus you will need to connect your VIRUS TI and iPad with an USB to MIDI interface. Below you will the MIDI Interfaces which are to work fine, or not work with Touch for Virus.

Febr. 2021: Table is updated for app version 1.7

MIDI InterfaceEditFetch
CME – WIDI Master (bluetooth)yesyes
Yamaha MD-BT01 (bluetooth)yesyes
Akai MPD226YesYes
Alesis is dock 2YesYes
Iconnectivity Iconnect4+YesYes
Neoteck UMC1??
Roland UM-ONE (USB)YesYes
Steinberg UR-C seriesYesYes
Yamaha UX16 (USB)YesYes
ZOOM U-44 (USB)YesYes
  • Patch dumps cannot be initiated with the “Fetch” button in the app, but are reported to work when initiated on the Virus TI. You can do this in the “Save”-menu by choosing the save-option: ‘patch dump’.

Please feel free to send me a note with your USB to MIDI interface and how it works, so I can keep this list updated.