To get started you will need

  1. Virus TI synthesizer
  2. IOS compatible USB to MIDI interface (see compatible interfaces)
  3. Lightning-naar-USB-camera-adapter (like this)
  4. an iPad, with “Touch for Virus”

Turn on the synth, connect it to iPad with the interface and adapter. When done, startup Touch for Virus. Tap on ‘Setup’ on top of the screen. The setup page will open, and in the middle area you will see a list with MIDI destinations. Your MIDI to USB interface will be listed here. Select it. Close the screen and tap on “Fetch”. The currently loaded patch on the synthesizer will be loaded in the app. Notice the name of that patch will appear on the left upper corner of the screen.

If this does not work, please have a look at the other settings on the setup-page, as described below:

Mode and part

On the left you can select what kind of patch you want to edit. When the synthesizer is in “Single mode”, that should also be selected in this list. When in multimode, you need to select here which part you want to edit.

Dedive ID

The Device ID of your Virus TI synthesizer should be selected here.

MIDI channel

The MIDI channel selected here will be used for the onscreen audit keyboard. All other communication is done as Sysex data, without channels info.