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      paul falzarano

      Hello .
      This app is much appreciated now that I have updated to Catalina and lost the Mac version .
      I don’t use this app as much as many others probably however so far I have been pleased with its stability and ease of use .
      I use an Alesis is dock 2 and a simple 5th gen iPad .
      I do recall the “suggested patches “ or whatever they are called to be a bit in the way and wondering how to minimize them or remove ?
      Basically I just came by to see if you was still working on this app and hope you keep up the good work .

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      Hi Paul!

      Thanks you so much for your feedback!
      I am working on a new update, but to release it, Apple requires me to rebuild the whole interface. The way my app deals with different iPad sizes is no longer permitted in the App Store. It’s a lot of work, and probably no users will notice what I did, but Apple makes me do it anyway. I think it will be September before I’m done with this release.

      I think you refer to module presets, which you may not use, but are always on screen on some pages. You cannot remove or hide them. But I will consider that possibility. Thanks!

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      Gaetano Savoca

      Finally after 2 weeks it works. I started trying it, but something to ask.
      – how can I cancel an entire collection? so that they delete all the patches that are part of that collection (when importing patches from a midi file it imports them all into a collection.
      How do I save a collection in a midi file, so that I can organize the patches in collection and save them, and recover them in the future in case I need them.

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      Did you get it working with your Iring midi 2 interface? If not, I will add it as incompatible. It will allow you to delete collections and move patches between collections, among other cool new features. The next release will add more features for managing patches and collections. An export feature will not be included in the near future.

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      In order to improve Touch for Virus it would be really helpfull to learn about the way you are using Touch for Virus. I would love to learn about the following:
      – What type / size iPad are you using?
      – What kind of USB to MIDI interface are you using, is is working like it should?
      – In what workflow are you using Touch for Virus?

      Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help Touch for Virus get better!!

      Thanks in advance
      Maarten Lierop

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