The patch library is the place where you store and manage your patches. They are organized in ‘collections’ and can be filtered by category or patch name. A patch is loaded into the app and synthesizer by tapping on its name. Swipe to the left to delete a patch. On the right side, information is visible about the currently loaded patch.

Each patch is stored in a collection. Collections contain 1 to an endless number of patches. On the right side of the patch name you will find a number indicating the number of patches within that collection. When filtering or searching, the numbers indicates the number of patches which match your search filters. When no patches match your search filter: a zero will be displayed.

Collections can be deleted (which will also delete all patches inside that collection) and renamed. You can replace a selected patch to another collection.

The first 4 collections are special collections. These are more like search filters. They show:

  • All your patches,
  • Last used patches (patches are ordered by most recent usage date)
  • Most used patches (patches ordere by usage count)
  • and Favorited patches.

These special collections cannot be deleted nor renamed.

The second panel lists available patches. When a collection is selected in the left panel, only patches are listed which belong to that collection. Use the category filter on top of the panel to filter the listed patches by category. Use the search field to search for patches with specific name.

Swipe a patch to the left to delete it

Tap on the heart icon to add the patch to your favorites

Action menu options:

  • Edit patch Details (edit name, author, categories or description)
  • Rename Collection (only available when a collection is selected)
  • Move patch to (move patch to another collection)
  • Delete (delete the patch)
  • Delete Collection (only available when a collection is selected)

Patch info panel
The info panel shows information about the currently loaded patch.