The patch library is the place where you can store and manage your patches. They are organized in ‘collections’ and can be filtered by category. A patch is loaded into the synthesizer by tapping on its name. Swipe to the left to delete a patch. On the right side, information is visible about the currently loaded patch.

The left panel lists patch collections available in you private library, and collections available in Virus Cloud
Tap on a collection to select. Tap again to deselect

The second panel lists available patches. When a collection is selected in the left panel, only patches are listed which belong to that collection. Use the category filter on top of the panel to filter the listed patches by category

Patch info panel
The info panel shows information about the currently loaded patch.

Module locks
Lock a module to keep its parameters unchanged whan a new patch is loaded. This can be usefull when you want to try different settings for, let’s say the oscillator module while other modules should be unchanged.