Soundsets are MIDI files, which contains up to 127 patches. These files are used by the official VST plugin for Virus TI from Access. When you purchase a soundest somewhere on the internet, it will also delivered as .mid file.

Follow the 7 steps below to import the patches in a soundset in Touch for Virus:

Step 1 Find the patches folder on your computer.
On macLibary>Application Support>Access Music>Virus TI>Patches 
On windowsC:\Users\<yourusername>\Documents\Access Music\Virus TI\Patches

Step 2 Copy all the MIDI files in your patches folder to some some directory in iCloud.

Step 3 In Touch for Virus, click on “Import” in the toolbar (on top of the screen), this will bring you to the import page.

Step 4 On the Import page, click on “Pics a file”, this will open the iPadOS file browser

Step 5 Navigate to the iCloud folder where you copied the MIDI files, and choose one.

Step 6 fill in some metadata, and klick on “Start Import”

Step 7 Repeat from step 4, to import more files